SOME Quote from Infosec community,Part-I

1 min readMay 11, 2021

These quotes was generally from those people, who are the BIGGDOGS in the cybersecurity world.

I just copy/ paste the Quote from INTERNET to HERE.

ALL the credit goes to the original Writer of the Quotes.

1.” IF You want somethings just jump upon that, not waiting for the Right movement”.

2.” only stupid company asking you about certs. skill and experience far valuable and can’t show up by a paper”.

3. “HR even don’t know about why we use nmap. They have instructions from hiring managers.”

4. “Do a favor to yourself:
While you learn something, doesn’t matter its what. you need to taking note and making a knowledge base for yourself.”

5. ” lets make own cert
called “own hunts and own works done by you and some report data shown your real skill” its bypass any hr (if his mind not be outdated)”.

6.”STOP WASTING MONEY. SAVE THEM FOR CERTIFICATION. Never buy courses more than Rs.1000. I have seen many course being sold in 2500 but the content is 1)Introduction to Hacking 2)Footprinting 3)Scanning(Metasploit)basic ..bla bla You can get everything for free on Internet.”

7. “better to gain power yourself rather than someone gives it to you”

Again these Quotes aren’t mine, these are from several great hackers, who is right now in cybersecurity.

if this post motivates you towards cybersecurity, then make a promise

you should give something to the infosec community for free.

if any quotes trouble you, then just simple msg me, I delete those quotes from this as soon as possible…




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